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Bachelor of Research in Vitamins and minerals and Dietetics.

[ 11-06-2020 ]

In case you within your professional exposure to individuals significant?

Are you presently interested in answers and questions with reference to nourishment? The cooperation with authorities off their disciplines are you feeling as a possible resource? Then a job to be a nutritional expert / -in ideal for you. Talk to your support, work and train you sick and healthy customers in vitamins and minerals of all kinds. It is, with the client to figure out ways to balanced and healthy diet and discovered to get down challenging conditions. Due to the several instruction you will find the solution in private hospitals, therapy establishments, industry and sales institutions or private apply to perform.


For testing crystal clear wedding party of your right after statements is presumed:

Specialist, specialized or Matura or EDK acknowledged, a few-year or so professional classes or federally. Acknowledged enterprise classes or 3-calendar year degree midsection college and two-four weeks internship in a institution of community well being or sociable work with nursing routines.

Exclusion: assistant / r overall health with Swiss. Certificate of effectiveness and expert adulthood.

In the ultimate acceptance a paid for and compulsory aptitude examination determines.


At Bern College of Used Sciences three years analysis period of time, then 10-30 days add more-on unit in reality.

Modules and Priorities.

At Bern College or university of Implemented Sciences.

2nd and 1st semester.

Informing healthy folks; sociological and psychological, bodily basics; Arrival and specialty area incommunications and counseling, nutrition and many others.

3rd and 4th semester.

Advice of unwell people today; Pathophysiology and psychology; dietetics; medical work.

5th and 6th semester.

Assistance in sophisticated difficulties; honest, professional difficulties; Elimination, health advertising; Bachelor thesis.

Sent out within the complete analysis / Semester over.
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Internships in several specialized career fields, farms. Unit groups for example studying, Medical function, specialized English language.

Bachelor of Scientific discipline Higher education in vitamins and minerals and dietetics.

Research sites FH.

Bern University of Used Sciences Wellness Murtenstrasse 10 3008 Bern 031 848 35 00 www.

Haute ecole de sante Heds Opportunity de Champel 47 1206 Geneve 022 388 56 00 facts. www.

Fernfachhochschule Switzerland (FFHS) Uberlandstrasse 12 3900 Brig www.

Places of labor.

Dietitians FH work in hospitals and rehabilitation treatment centers, doctors’ workplaces, in older people’s houses, public well being, industry and schools, in wellness, in product sales companies in marketing plus in private and public body. Moreover, there is a chance to function as self-utilized in non-public practice.

Working community.

Even with a variety of software programs, the position industry is restricted. Nutritionists FH need to therefore be flexible in terms of the workplace plus the application form discipline.

Process description.

At the core of exercise as being a dietitian FH the consultation and support solutions for sickly folks. In nursing homes, nursing homes, doctors’ locations or in their own individual training, they function in an interdisciplinary directly along with other experts. Sensitize sufferers with diabetic issues, ingesting conditions, kidney illness, coronary disease, and so on. For their eating styles. By nutritional restorative procedures they feature the right preparing of the food safely and securely. They demonstrate the patient in the romantic relationships between the recommended nutritional treatment plus the related difference in eating habits along with their illness. Solutions to possible nutritional complications they appear collectively. With menu plans, recipes and tips for menus design they retain the sufferer inside the execution in everyday life. The alteration in ways of eating is actually a hard method. For any successful treatment dietitian FH must guide meetings with empathy, persuasiveness and understanding, and must include things like existence circumstance, the requirements and worries of individuals.

Nutritionists suggest FH not only sick folks. Their information about balanced and healthy diet program they offer in individual lessons, nutrients ideas, lectures and seminars to fascinated get-togethers of any age on. In this article, they need to master didactic principles and so are producing faculty. They perform nutrients training in terms of all natural well being prevention and promotion. They mobilize unique assets and make clear about undesirable behaviors, informing them of meaningful losing weight, the many benefits of normal physical exercise and healthful ingesting.

Dietitians FH operate in an intricate, multifaceted natural environment. That’s why they constantly explain to your self with regards to the most current technological findings and blend this knowledge within their actions. Along with findings from nutritious scientific research in addition, they require expertise using their company disciplines like treatment, natural sciences, societal sciences and humanities. As well as dietetics, foods legislation, production and processing, issues such as social psychology, therapy anatomy and theory connected to the career. The interdisciplinary technique is reflected inside the shut assistance with eating habits culinary experts, the medical workers plus the medical industry. A few of them also be involved in technological projects and studies.

Additionally learning.

Conferences and Courses.

Gives of Switzerland. Connection Certified. Dietitians / inside of SVDE, Switzerland. Community for Vitamins and minerals SGE, the Modern society for Professional medical Vitamins and minerals in Switzerland Geskes of greater professional educational institutions, universities and colleges.

College or university of Employed Sciences (Grasp)

Learn FH in Nutrition and Dietetics (beneath discussion) or maybe in connected disciplines.

School / ETH (Learn)

Master’s plans in the Office of Nutrition and Health; On admittance to the Bachelor FH colleges or ETH tell.